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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Our presidenat Com P S Ramankutty's  Message:
Dear Comrades,

Ours was the ONLY Pensioners ' Organization of BSNL which raised the slogan for the first time that " we are BSNL retirees but Central Government Pensioners" way back in 2014 . From that time onwards we never looked back on this MOST IMPORTANT issue of pension revision w e f 01-01-2017. Consistently &  continuously your CHQ  has been pursuing this case with 7th CPC, DOE, DOP & PW and DOT without any aberration in our stand as directed by 2015 AIC & 2016 CWC.
It may not be possible to publish our day to day efforts for obvious reasons.
The views  & ideas expressed by some of our members, joined subsequently, regarding Organizational actions  shall definitely be considered in ensuing CWC during November at Patna.
Meanwhile, CHQ desires that all our members to have patience and trust the efforts being pursued.

Some friends want pensioners jump into some action immediately. Why?
That will help them get wage revision for serving staff. Their target is only wage revision which is as per PRC report. 
We wish them get wage revision. We will suport them in that pursuit. 

Donot  forget what happened in the past.

In 2007/2008 when pay was revised under 2nd PRC nobody talked about pensioners. 
When 6th CPC report was implemented and Pension of central pensioners was revised,
nobody thought of BSNL retirees.
We have no complaints. Because we are not their members.

Now,  some people want BSNL retirees agitate for PRC benefit knowing PRC Report does not talk about pension revision at all.
AIBSNLPWA is not playing second fiddle to anybody. 
We are moving cautiously, with steady steps with clear understanding.
Please read in next issue of Pensioners Patrika 
our memorandum submitted to Communication Minister.


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