IDA INCREASED 4.8% FROM 1-1-2022

Sunday, 30 July 2017

1.. Smt. T.S. Visalakshi, DGM, STR, CNI          Mobile: 9444979821
2.. Sri.   S.V. Rangaraajan, OS, TN, CNI             Mobile: 9444054500
     3.. Sri.   P.S. Kasthurirangan, JE, REM, CNI     Mobile: 9790822646
     4.  Smt. J. Chelvilakshmi, AGM, TN, CNI           Mobile: 9486100094
     5.  Sri.   Gunachandran, EE, CIVIL, CNI

We convey our best wishes for the above mentioned officials who are retiring on 31-7-2017. Smt. J. Chelvilakshmi retired on VRS on 28-7-17.

We wish them for a healthy, peaceful, long happy  retired life.

They are going to join our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBER from 1.8.17.

We welcome them to our division wholeheartedly.

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