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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The MASS DHARNA on conducted in front of CCA Office Ethiraj Salai on 19-7-17 was a great successful one. More than 400 pensioners from all over Tamilnadu and CHTD attended the DHARNA. 

The DHARNA began with slogan shouting in the front gate of CCA Office. Com K. Ramarao, TN Circle President and Com Madurai Muthu of CHTD jointly presided the meeting.

Com K. Ramarao in his presidential address told our association is giving full cooperation to CCA office but CCA office is not cooperating with us. He told that pensioners from Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Vellore, Tirunelveli and Trichy have come for this DHARNA. Com Madurai Muthu, CHTD welcomed the pensioners.

Com K. Muthiyalu in his speech said that the staffs in CCA office are working very hard and released 17000 pension revision orders. He said that there are several irregularities in the orders. The same problem in 68.8 pension revisions were again occurred.  When he pointed out those mistakes to the administration the officers are not listening to us and not ready to rectify it and said that those things will be looked only after 2 months. The address changes made in the computer are not put in the file for change of address.  A large number of ppos are sent to old address again. The released orders are sent by post after one month delay only. They are saying that there is no money for purchase of stamp. If that was the problem he asked how they have sent back 600 to 700 service books to SSAs in one Saturday. He said the staffs are cooperating but the officers are not cooerating. When he asked the officers to publish the list of PPOs issued in their website, the officers are not ready for it even though we are ready to offer our technical people to help them. He said that the officers have declared a emergency rule in CCA office. The officer has now ordered that no staff should discuss the issues with association leaders. The officers are not giving due respect to the pensioners or association leaders when they go for enquiring of pensioners problems. He said that this attitude of the officers should change. 
Com M. Govindarajan in his address told that when he offered pensioners for cca work for pension revision work initially the cca office rejected his offer. Later they asked for help from him. 8 pensioners from CHTD worked for pension revision work without any remuneration and  they cleared 7000 files. He said we are ready to cooperate with the cca office but the cca officers are not cooperating with the association.
 Com G. Natarajan, General Secretary told that he was meeting the officers in DOT and pointing out the delay in settlement of 78.2% pension revision.  But the officers are changed frequently in DOT.  Now the new member finance has fixed that the entire pension revision work must be completed before 15-7-17. But it is not yet over still.  

Com A. Sugumaran said the main reason for the dharna is to protest against the attitude of some officers in cca office. They are not giving proper respect or replies to the pensioners and the association when they visit the cca office. Some officers are very adamant and they are not ready to rectify the irregularities in the orders when the association leaders inform them.
 Com Balakrishnan, Cuddalore gave a very lovely speech in humorous way. He said that pensioners believe their association leaders only for settling their demands. The pensioners will obey any instructions given by their leaders only.  They are ready to go to any extreme if they leaders order them.

Com Murugan, Vellore, Com R.. Venkatachalam, Trichy, Com T.S. Vittoban, All India treasurer, Com Kannappan, treasurer, CHTD, spoke briefly about our demands. 

Com D. Gopalakrishnan told that during the past 10 years we have met so many CCAs, ie S/Sri. Alagarsamy, Geetha Paul and Barriar. Sri Alagarsamy only settled the one increment pension revision case. We are meeting Sri Niranjana, CCA for the past 1 ½  years. The CCA office sent back the extra increment case files to the SSAs without understanding the rules. The DOT order is not correct. There is a SUPREME COURT ruling that no recoveries should be made from the pensioners and it was also endorsed by DOP & Training. CCA should have discussed the issue before sending back the files. One officer in cca office told that pension work is not important to them and the USO & SPECTRUM charging are only important to them. Com D.G. said that pension work is a statutory work and it cannot be a secondary one
He said the association leaders are not permitted to meet the staff and a emergency is declared in cca office.  He said that our AIBSNLPWA cannot be neglected or ignored like this. We are allowed a meeting only once in a month and he said we want a meeting once in 15 days since we are having more than 8000 pensioners with us. He said that we want attitudinal change in the minds of the officers. CCA job is not over till the pensioner receives his payment. He said that our association is not their enemy and we are helping them only to correct their mistakes. He pointed out that our pensioners only helped them to clear 7000 pre 2007 pension revision work without any remuneration. Our association is bridging cooperation between cca office and pensioners.
At the lunch time A delegation consisting of Comrades K. Muthiyalu, D. Gopalakrishnan. G. Natarajan, Ramarao & M. Govindarajan met Jt. CCA in his chamber and handed over a memorandum. Com D. Gopalakrishnan told Jt. CCA that our association wants a change in attitude in CCA office. Our association is not asking or demanding any unjustified demand. We are coordinating pensioners with cca office. He said that we want a meeting once in 15 days, wants respect to pensioners and pension association leaders when they visit cca office. He clearly said that our association is not COERCING the cca office by conducting soft DHARNA for settlement of irregularities and for legitimate issues. He said that there is a clear cut ruling by SUPREME COURT that no recovery should be made from pensioners and DOP&T also endorsed it. He said that our association gave cooperation to cca office by giving 8 pensioners to do pension revision work. He said that we are not enemies for cca office but friends only. We expect the same thing from the officers. Jt.CCA said that he will consult his officers and inform us.

Com K. Muthiyalu explained the contents of the meeting discussion with Jt. CCA to the pensioners in the dharna meeting. 

 Com Thangaraj, Chrompet Division secretary gave vote of thanks.

The following pensioners of our STR DIVISION attended the DHARNA.
  1. D.s. Ramalingam 2. S. Ramakrishnan 3. M. C. Kulothungan 4. Pannerselvam 5. S. Kalidoss 6. M. Kalidoss 7. K. Selvarajan 8. Sunderaraman 9. Pannerselvam 10. K. Arumugam 11. Sivaramakrishnan 12. Sridharan 13. S. Narasimhan 14. R. Kannan 15. Rathnaswamy 16. P. murugesan 17. Rexraj 18. G. Kannan 19. S.G. Jayaprakash 20. K. Ramadoss 21. M. Viswanathan 22. R. Venkatachalam TR 23. P.R. Lingesan 24. Saravanan 25. Victor raj 26. M Haja najumudeen 27. M. Premavathy 28. Shamsudeen 29. N. Mohan 30. J.S. Chelladurai 31. P.R. Yagasundaram 32. L. Krishnamoorthy 33. Chandrasekaran 34. V. Paulchamy 35. K.G. Gangadharan 36. A. Sugumaran 37. Madanagopoal 38. M. Subramanian 39. D. Muthuswamy 40. K. Muthiyalu 41. Kamalakkannan 42. K. Radhakrishnan 43. D. Gopalakrishnan 44.Altaf ahmed 45. Mydeen pillai 46. Nandagopal 47. M.R. Krishnamurthy 48. L. Gunabalan 49. Ramanarayanan 50 Sundarakrishnan 51 S. Balasubramanian 52. S Sivasankaran 53. Kalidoss 53. A. Basha 54. S. Sakthivel 55. K. Prema 57. Ragavendra rao 58. A. Bhaskaran 59. Dhakshinamoorthy 60 Sadasivam 61 Alla pitchai. If any  members name is not included please excuse us.  

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