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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Brief of the JUNE Month Meeting :
The Monthly meeting of our STR Division was held in the A/N of 11.6.19 at TANSTIA Hall Guindy under the chaimanship of Com.A.Sugumaran, Divisional President. One minute silence was observed for the   departed souls of the following 1.Comrade Shabi Retd DGM TN CO , 2. Sri.Raja younger brother of Com.D.S.Ramalingam retd DE STR. 3.Aravind Balaji  aged 29 ,S/o our Member com.Annadurai Retd DGM CH.TD. 4.Mrs Ranganayaki ammal w/o our Com.Dharmarajan circle VP Madurai.  5.All those who lost their lives during the bomb blast at Srilanka  6.Crazy Mohan humourist and dialogue writer.  After silence break Com.D.S.Ramalingam VP read the minutes of the meeting held on 9th April and got approved.
                Com.S.Sundarakrishnan welcomed all. He introduced all new members joined during May and June 19.New Members enrolled during the two months is  33 and Total Membership is 1039. He read out the  family events happened . 1.    Sudden Demise of our comrade R.Shabi. 2.Bereavement due to demise of Sri Raja B/o Our comrade  DSR Retd DE STR . 3.Bereavement due to the demise of Sri Aravind Balaji S/o Com.Annadurai Retd DGM CH.TD. We express our deepest condolence to the bereaved family members. 4.ComR.Muthialu our Dy.GS has got a fracture in his leg taking rest for 3 weeks.5.Com.Mohan kumar Retd SS TN CO got admitted in MIOT  hospital for  lungs problem. 6.Sri Suresh B/o Com. Selvi.H.S.Sudha Retd DGM suffered  a massive heart attack. Timely action of angeo blasty and provision of stent at Billroth hospital saved his life. We pray for their speedy recovery . 7.Marriage bethrol of Miss.Vishita D/o Our Com.Kannan  FP (H/o late R.Padma)  was conducted. 8.Selvi Akshaya grand daughter of  Com. Sankarasubramanian Sr.PS.  STR has scored 486/500 marks in 10th Std CBSE Exam. Our congratulations to the  baby and their parents and grand Pa.       
Regarding the activities, DS mentioned that there is no improvement in Medical allowance payment as well as Medical bill payment as there is no fund received after March 19. However ,some of our comrades received payment during April 19 where as in 26AS of 2018-19: Fy TDS recovery is shown. It is told as ERP design.
CCA has issued notification for Adalat to be held on 21.6.19 by 1400 hrs in the  Hall of Inspiration Annasalai Telephone Exchange compound Dams Road Chennai.2. All the cases given to DS  are submitted to Adalat. 3.TN circle office is issuing new Medical cards to  serving employees. We approached to issue fresh cards to pensioners also as the cards issued in service are stamped as retiree. TN circle  officials  told that after completing the issue of cards to left out employees they assured to take up the matter. A form will be uploaded in whatsApp on receipt from CO. If our comrades fill the data and give family photo we will coordinate to get new card.
CGM STR Office told if anybody approaches  AO directly  mentioning  about deletion of members they would issue fresh MRS CARD. 4.In the direct pension system through SAMPANN, furnishing life certificate is once in a year not during November. This is for those who retired since Feb.2019. 5. Issue regarding co authorisation of FP to disabled child was discussed with CCA along with CP/CS /DG CHQ VP.  6. Provision of SIM card with Free call facility to TNF areas who surrendered WLL telephone has been taken up by CS with TN Circle, being pursued. Similarly we will take up with Chennai TD also for the sake of our comrades. 7.Delay in pension payment in POs was sorted out by CS.
8.Authorisation of getting CGHS MEDICAL  facility also discussed with CCA.9.An amount of Rs 5000/ has been sent to Odisha Fani Cyclone relief sent from our STR Division. 10.Rs 2 lakhs has been transfered to FD from our SB account. 
Com.N.Mohan, our Treasurer read out the names of all the comrades with date of birth whose birth day fall during May and June and wished them  all to be happy and healthy. 129 comrades are having DOB in  May and 84 comrades having DOB as June.      Com.A.Sugumaran President mentioned that extra increment case came for hearing as 95th case on 11.6.19. Hon.Judge proposed to postpone the case to August. Our lawyer intervened and explained the earlier discussion and argued that the case is being discussed for more than 18months . As the DOT Lawyer has not attended the court the case is  posted to 18th June. 2.Reg.CAT Case at Ernakulam payment of 78.2 arrears those who retired since 1.1.2007 to 31.5.2013 ,case is postponed to 12.6.19.  3.Reg.CAT case at Ernakulam for drawl of pension as per LPD instead of average 10 months  Basic for those who retired from 31.12.2005, the case is postponed to 18.6.2019. 4.He told that new Govt .has been formed and Telecom  Ministry has got cabinet status Minister. Hon.MOC knows our issues very well. Our comrades at Karnataka approached Sri.Prahalad Joshi Hon.Min. for Pariliamentary  affairs. Sri Aravind Sawanth ji ,ex employee of MTNL  and trade union activist has become Hon. Minister for Heavy Industries. GS with CHQ office bearers will take up pension revision issue  for favourable settlement. Legal fighting will be done only in case of not getting fruitful result. 5.Due to financial crunch in BSNL Medical payments are not made regularly. CGHS facility is available only in 4 cities of Tamilnadu. For which we may have to surrender MRS Card and make payment to CGHS which vary from Rs 300 to Rs 1.2 depending on the cadre in which retired. But it is useful in cities like Chennai.CDA Scale mapping has to be done for IDA scale. Migration letter to be given by CCA based on individuals request.    6.Recently direct Pension payment is made by CCA. First Pension payment is made in the next month itself.  In CENPENGRAMS ,Grivance monittoring system facility provided for Pensioners by Dept .of Pension .They recently started a call centre with  a Toll free Number  1800-11-1960.This will be  very much  useful for grievance complaint .   Com.Sridharan AGS AIFPA during his speech mentioned about the literature  talents of com.Ravi retired as  AO O/o GM South Chennai TD who joined in the meeting as our member. He also informed that AGB of AIFPA will be held at Balaji Kalyana Mandapam  T.Nagar on 20.7.19. Delegates from our Division are invited.    Com.Sankarasubramanian  gave a brief tips on Iyarkai Vaithyam. For diabetic persons have to take Thuvarppu items for anti sugar. Kasappu is not anti sugar.MATHULAM Fruit Skin   after removing the seeds has to be grinded in mixie while in wet. Dry it in sunlight. Make as powder. Similary Mango kottai has to be dried and made as powder. Both the powders in equal quantity has to be consumed ,Sugar gets reduced.  Keezhaa nelli is used for jaundice whereas it is best for curing Diabetic. Importance of oil bath, Kadukkai usage was explained. Div. Secretary mentioned about the contributions made by Com.A.Sugumaran President,Com.R.Muthialu,Com.Sivasankaran, Com.Narasimhan and com.N.S. Deenadayalan in enrolling new members. Special thanks to Com.N.Mohan  for the arrangements of the meetings and Com. Arumugam.
Com. Deenadayalan ADS gave vote of Thanks and told that soon we will achieve 1000 lifemembers .THANKS FOR ALL those who gave donations. Donations Received during our Meeting :        1.Com. S.Akilandam  Rs 2000/- being donation for 78.2% pay fixation.                      2. Com. Sankarasubramanian Rs 500/  to share his happiness of his granddaughter  Selvi Akshaya’s very high Total of 486/500 in 10th CBSE exams.  3.Com. M.Viswanathan  Rs 1000/- towards his birthday celebration.        4.  Com. Swaminathan Chengalpattu  Rs 1000/- birthday donation.           5. Com. A.Srinivasan ChTD Rs 500/- Birthday donation.   6.Com. M.Krishnakumar  SA Rs 200/- birthday donation.   7. Com. K.Pushpa DGM  Rs 500/- birthday  donation     8. A.V.Santhanakrishnan Rs 500/- birthday donation  9. P.D.selvaraj  Rs 500/- birthday donation . In addition to the above donations received from Sri.T.S.Vasudevan Retd CGM TN Circle Rs 5000/ .and Com.Jayachandran retired SDE Chennai TD contributed 2 months back Rs 15000/- to cover up  today’s meeting expenses. New Members enrolled during MAY and June 2019.
1.C.Sundarbabu O/o  CGM STR Chennai  2.Hemabhoosanam O/o CGM STR Chennai. 3.S.Loganathan O/o CGM TN Chennai  4.S.Ramkumar REM Chennai. 5.S.Sethu O/o CGMP Chennai.6.Sarwar Jehan Chida O/o CGMP Chennai . 7.T.S.Vasudevan Retd CGMT TNC Chennai 8.R.Parameshwari FP  W/o R.Rajarathanam MD TN CO. 9.S.Thenmoli Chennai TD 10.Rafi Ahmed Shaik  Elec.TN CO. 11.Sivajothi AN circle  12.B.Anuradha O/o CGMP 13.Selvam STSR Chennai  14.Rangamani Srinivasan STSR chennai  15.U.S.Ramasamy TN CO chennai 16 .Vijaya TN CO  17.V.Sankaran TN CO.18.R.Chandra TN CO 19.R.Hemavathy.20.K.Ganesan TNCO  21. I.Rani REM Chennai 22.A.Ghouse Unnisa TN CO 23.Philomina Levin. 24.G.Padma STR Trichy 25.V.Kamalakkannan TN CO. 26.G.Parimala STR Trichy. 27.S.Sankar Chennai TD Mahabalipuram. 28 R.Dasarathan  Kalpakkam
ChTD. 29.Aboobucker Usman O/o CGM STR Chennai  30.S.Bhavanibai O/o CGM STR Chennai  31.T.Sasikala O/o CGM STR Chennai. 32.R.Ravi AO Guindy , ChTD  33.R.Ganesan QA unit Chennai. President announced that the next Monthly meeting on 9.7.2019 would be in TANSTIA HALL GUINDY.
Approx 110 members attended the meeting.
Thanking you.
With fraternal greetings.
Comradely Yours,
S.Sundarakrishnan Div.Secretary.
STR,  Chennai
During the meeting, 8 new members had joined in our association. 7 members photos were posted on this web earlier. Now we have received a photo copy of Com. R.Ravi which we have posted here.
                     Com.R.Ravi, AO (Retd) ChTD.

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