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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Some of our members are asking us about income tax efiling method. We are giving some useful information about it below. Last date of filing Income Tax return for 2018-19 financial year is 31ST July for all. Senior Citizen above 60 and below 3 Lakhs income has filed their income tax returns manually last year at the Income tax office. The manual income tax return filing rule is changed this year. Only super senior citizens above 80 years only can file their manual income tax filing at income tax offices. Others must have to file their returns through efiling method only this year.  Income tax ceiling is 3 lakhs for seniors and 5 lakhs for super seniors above 80 years.   If you are able to do efiling yourself, do it immediately.  If anybody wants any help to do efiling, we suggest the following easiest way.
There is one Authorised Tax Consultant Sri. S. Boopathy is available with his laptop at the reception Hall of income Tax office, Nungambakkam. If you approach him he will do your income tax efiling job and also make online payment for your income tax through internet for a nominal fee of Rs.1000/-. It will take 30 minutes to 60 minutes only for him. I have completed my efiling job successfully and paid my income tax through him today (27-6-19). He is available from 11.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs at income tax reception hall Nungambakkam  from Monday to Friday. His Mobile Number:  9884053227,  7448387261.  He is residing in Nolambur. He can undertake the job at his house on Saturday and Sunday. 
You can contact us for any clarification regarding what are the documents required for this or contact him through his mobile number.

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