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Thursday 12 September 2019

We request all our Members to Migrate from BSNLMRS SCHEME to CGHS MEDICAL SCHEME immediately since the BSNLMRS FACILITY is not functioning well for the pensioners. BSNL is not reimbursing the MEDICAL CLAIMS of the pensioners’ OUTDOOR MEDICAL TREATMENT for the past 6 months.  BSNL is also not paying MEDICAL ALLOWANCE to  PENSIONERS who opted for the WITHOUT VOUCHER facility.  Moreover the empanelled Hospitals are not giving cashless inpatient treatment for pensioners and asking them to pay their bills first and claim it from BSNL later since BSNL has not cleared their dues for a long time.     
For some time past we are publishing here the procedures for migrating from BSNLMRS to CGHS Facility.  We informed all our members to Migrate from BSNLMRS SCHEME to CGHS MEDICAL FACILITY in our last monthly meeting held on 9-9-19.  We want all our members to Migrate to CGHS FACILITY. 
BSNL Headquarters have issued clear orders to all CGMS regarding this. According to that orders CGM CHTD has issued orders for procedures for opting for CHHS Scheme by BSNL Pensioners on 25-8-2019 to its field unit officers to accept requests from their pensioners and process their case.  Some of CHTD Pensioners have already given their option and migrated to CGHS Schemes and got their CGHS CARDS. Hence we request our CHTD MEMBERS to migrate to CGHS SCHEME immediately.  We have given below the CGM CHTD Order for your information.
CGMs of TN, STR & STP have not issued the orders. AGM STP told that the order may be released within a day or two.  We have given letters to CGM TN & STR to issue the orders for this.  We will give you information once the orders are released by the CGM offices.
CGHS are available CHENNAI ,  TRICHY,  TIRUNELVELI, PONDICHERRY area ONLY. BSNL PENSIONERS residing in those cities only can migrate now.  CGHS HOSPITALS are going to be opened in MADURAI & COIMBATORE SOONFor any doubts and clarifications please call on us.

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