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Saturday, 14 September 2019


Dear Comrades, Thank you for all those who donated for PMNRF. In the beginning our comrades transfered money to CHQ Account SBI ANNA NAGAR. As per the entry our contribution is Rs 12700. Our Treasurer Com.N.Mohan has updated entry in CUB NANGANALLUR ACCOUNT which comes to Rs 69400 as on 13.9.19. Further cash collection received on 9th mtg. is 23400. Total receipt is 105400. Further updation will be after his return to HQRS.
In the STR Chennai Monthly meeting held on  09-09-2019 an appeal was aired for liberal contribution towards PMNRF,  our members with great enthusiasm poured money . A sum of Rs 23,400/- was collected by cash. Donation was received in the form of Cheques also for Rs 5007/-. Also a huge amount of Rs 63,400/- has been credited in STR Account in City Union Bank Nanganallur Branch.   All in total the donation comes to Rs 91807/-. In addition  to this, Directly some of members have sent directly to CHQ account in State  Bank Of India Annanagar. I, as being the treasurer of This Division, Highly appreciate our members enthusiasm,  rising to the occasion , helping tendency of needy above all our Association's sensitive and timely Appeal  for the donation. Once again I thank our esteemed members who have contributed liberally and others who are about to donate. The Donation received on 09-09-2019 by cash has been listed below.

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