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Monday, 23 September 2019

Thanks to all donors.

Dear Comrade
STR Division Chennai has sent Rs 1,01,000/- ( Rupees One Lakh and One thousand only ) has been sent to CHQ account in SBI  Chennai. The well receipt of the amount has been confirmed by the CHQ Treasurer Com. T.S.Vittoban.  Besides this, 13 members of STR have sent directly to CHQ account which amounts to 15,500/-  So totally a sum of Rs 1,16,500/-  received from the esteemed members of STR Chennai has been  sent to PMNRF via CHQ. I think STR Chennai is the only single unit which has crossed One Lakh elite mark  for the time being in India.
With profound pranams,
STR  Division,  Chennai.

-Message from Com P.S. Ramankutty

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