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Thursday, 21 November 2019

We have rearranged our "WHATSAPP GRPS"  & 'SMS GRPS."  We have formed 4 whatsapp groups namely, 1. STR DN. GRP  2. STR DN SILENT GRP 3. STR DN ELITE GRP 4. STR DN GRP 4.  We have added 250 members in 3 groups and 42 members in STR DN GRP 4.   (Because Mamimum 257 contacts can only be stored in one group). Total whatsapp group members are 798. Similarly   we have formed 3 SMS GROUPS. First two groups contain 100 members and the third one contains 14 members. Total members in sms groups are 214. whatsapp group members will not get SMS messages. SMS group members  will get SMS Messages from us. so 1012 members are covered by our communication links. This is just for our members information. if any member has any difficulty please contact us.

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