IDA DECREASED 0.2% FROM 1-1-2024 - TOTAL 215.4%

Tuesday 8 November 2016


Com A. Sugumaran presided the meeting. Com N. Mohan read out the minutes of the last AGB -1 & 2 meetings and got approval from the GB. Com S. Narasimhan conveyed birthday greetings to the members whose birthdays are coming in this month. He introduced the 8 new members to the august body. He conveyed STR DIVISION Family welfare news to the members. He informed the names of our members who have given donations to our division and thanked them. He appreciated the service of our member Com M.C. Kulothungan and he was honoured with a small gift.

He told that 5.5% October increase IDA was not credited by some banks and post offices. This case was taken seriously in the 7-11-16 pension adalat meeting. CCA asked the bank officers and the postal authorities to look into the matter who were present in the meeting.  They assured to take suitable actions to avoid such delays in future. He informed our members that the Rs.3000/- BONUS for the the year 2014-15 was paid to all working employees. It was paid to eligible pensioners in CHTD, STR & STP. TN CGM office is ready to make payment.  He asked members to see that their payments are also made to them. He requested our members to contacts their accounts officers If they have not received the payment. He informed that Honourable Minister Sri Ananthakumar has confirmed his participation in our 78.2% IDA PENSION REVISION VICTORY MEETING in Bangalore on 12-11-16 at 4 PM. He requested our members to participate in the meeting to pay our gratitude for his help for 78.2 IDA Pension Revision and also to take his help for our future pension revision and other cases. He informed that our Division has decided to give Rs.350/- as conveyance charges for those members who are attending the VICTORY DAY MEETING at Bangalore.

He explained in detail about the progress in 78.2% IDA Pension revision work progress in STP, STR, CHTD & TN Circle. He told that Tamilnadu pension adalat meeting was held yesterday 7-11-16 and a number of pensioners cases were taken and settled there. He told 10 members of our branch attended the meeting. Our members cases were also taken and settled there. He told that the new CCA Dr. K. Nirnajana’s is having a very good humanitarian touch for every members problems and trying to settle them as for as possible. He told that we are going to celebrate PENSIONERS DAY CELEBRATION in our next monthly meeting on 13-12-16. Some senior leaders will be invited for the occasion. He informed that it was decided to honour our 35 members who are all 70 years old in that meeting. He informed that we are trying to get the names of the pensioners from GM, STSR whose pension 78.2 revision cases were processed and completed  and try to release the names soon. He reminded our members to give LIFE CERTIFICATAES in banks and post offices in this month. 
Com D.S. Ramalingam in his address told that there two important things for any association. The number one is the benefits should go to the members immediately without any delay and the other is to enrol new members continuously. He told that we are following and doing those two things. He told about the PENSION ADALAT MEETING and informed that the new CCA Dr. K. Niranjana’s approach towards settling the problems of pensioners is a very appreciable and commendable. He also explained the actions he has taken to expedite the 78.2% pension revision cases in field units. He told that he met DGM F STR GUINDY along with Com A. Sugumaran and discussed the issue with him to expedite the cases. He told that he went to CGM TN CIRCLE GREAMS ROAD along with Com Sundarakrishnan and met PGM F and asked them to expedite the pension revision case. He told that our VICTORY DAY CELEBRATION in Bangalore is not only to pay our gratitude to honourable Minister Ananthakumar but also for asking his help for our future pension reivison and other problems.  He told about our pensioners day meeting next month. He read out the names of our 35 members who were completed 70 years this year. 

Com K. Muthiyalu told that it is very important to hold PENSIONERS DAY Meeting in DECEMBER.  He told that Com. Om.P. Guptha, secretary General NFTE & Com Vallinayagam, Secretary General FNTO have played a very important role to get pension for us in BSNL public sector unit. He opined that we should invite Com Vallinayagam for our pensioners day meeting. He told that because of the recently held cetral trade union strike only the minimum wage of labours in Inida were increased. He also appreciated the orders issued by tamilnadu state government for increasing the maternity leave from 180 days to 270 days.  He said that he met Sri Murugaian, GM Postal Dept. in Ethiraj Salai today. He brought to his notice about the delay in making IDA increase for the pensioners by the post offices throughout Tamilnadu.  He told that Sri Murugaian, GM  immediately called his officers and instructed them to see that there will be no delay in future for making IDA payments to the pensioners. He said that STR division should try to bring left out pensioners  and enrol them as our members.
Com A. Sugumaran asked our members to come to victory day celebration meeting in Bangalore in large numbers. He told that it is not only a thanks giving meeting to Honourable Minister Ananthakumar but also to get  his help for our future pension revision and other issues also. He told that we will get our next pension revision even before the working employees get their wage revision. Com N.S. Deenadayalan conveyed vote of thanks. 113 members attended this meeting.  

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