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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Com Sundarakrishnan our vice president gone to CGM TN CIRCLE OFF today and enquired about 78.2 % pension revision work progress in CGM TN CIRCLE OFFICE. They told that 65 cases of post 78.2% were processed and already sent to DOT CELL. 
Pension revision  for Appx 15 cases of 3% increment fixation for those who retired before 2016 july were also processed and sent to DOT CELL. 


78.2% pension arrears first payment Rs.56,000/-received by one of our member from Indian bank today.
We are glad to inform our members  that Smt.G. Premavathy, SSS, CGM STR OFF GUINDY retired ON 2005 received her arrears payment today. She is the first person in STR Unit to receive the 78.2 pension revision arrears payment.

So other pre 2007 retired members from CGM STR GUINDY off may also get arrears payment soon.

One more happy news: Com  D.S. Ramalingam retired on april 2006 from CGM STR OFF also got his 78.2% pension revision arrears today  from Indian bank 


  1. Really a good news from Tamilnadu Circle Finance. Sincere appreciation to Sri. SUNDARAKRISHNAN for his efforts to reach the silent corridor. No doubt the efforts taken by STR branch yielded a good result.
    Srinivasan DGM VIGILANCE RTD

  2. Comrades very happy to hear the news about TN Circle office. Our sincere thanks to Com. Sundarakrisnan & Com. Ramalingam for their sincere efforts to go the Circle office and collect the news.

    K Selvarajan Retd DGM TN Circle Chennai